Human RORgt staining

Nikko Arger in Laura Koth's lab optimized staining for human ROR gamma t... important to use the correct staining buffer kit!

CyTOF Staining Protocol

DTT Processing


T Cell Staining and Sorting

  1. Pick up 4 blood tubes from ACRC processing lab (M1334). Keep tubes at RT. Drop off 1 tube of Buffer 1.
  2. Dilute blood 1:1 with room temperature PBS.
  3. Carefully layer 2 volumes of diluted blood on top of 1 volume of lymphoprep in 50ml falcon tubes (ex: 25ml blood on top of 12.5ml lymphoprep).
  4. Place tubes in aerosol containment buckets, and spin at 800xg (~1900rpm) for 20 minutes at room temp. Turn the brake OFF.

BCL6 staining protocol for FACS

Protocol for intracellular BCL6 staining

Prepare single-cell suspensions of draining and non-dr. LNs in HBSS (or PBS) by standard procedures.

Wash and count cells.

Add 1-2x106 cells in 100µl per well of a 96-well round-bottom plate.

Add 100µl of 1:1000-diluted eFluor780 Fixable Viability Dye (eBioscience) in HBSS (or PBS) (no serum/protein, no azide!). Incubate for 10min on ice.

Spin down and wash plate 1x with 200µl FACS buffer (2% FCS and 0.05% NaN3 in PBS).

What happened to my red laser fluorophore signals!?

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