Kristina Johansson, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
Microbiology and Immunology
+1 415 476-5373

MicroRNAs in type 2 immunity.

Cancer letters

Johansson K, Weidner J, RÃ¥dinger M

Altered miR-155 Expression in Allergic Asthmatic Airways.

Scandinavian journal of immunology

Malmhäll C, Johansson K, Winkler C, Alawieh S, Ekerljung L, Rådinger M

MicroRNA-155 is a critical regulator of type 2 innate lymphoid cells and IL-33 signaling in experimental models of allergic airway inflammation.

The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology

Johansson K, Malmhäll C, Ramos-Ramírez P, Rådinger M

Weight Gain Alters Adiponectin Receptor 1 Expression on Adipose Tissue-Resident Helios+ Regulatory T Cells.

Scandinavian journal of immunology

Ramos-Ramírez P, Malmhäll C, Johansson K, Lötvall J, Bossios A

Targeting a novel bone degradation pathway in primary bone cancer by inactivation of the collagen receptor uPARAP/Endo180.

The Journal of pathology

Engelholm LH, Melander MC, Hald A, Persson M, Madsen DH, Jürgensen HJ, Johansson K, Nielsen C, Nørregaard KS, Ingvarsen SZ, Kjaer A, Trovik CS, Laerum OD, Bugge TH, Eide J, Behrendt N

Complex determinants in specific members of the mannose receptor family govern collagen endocytosis.

The Journal of biological chemistry

Jürgensen HJ, Johansson K, Madsen DH, Porse A, Melander MC, Sørensen KR, Nielsen C, Bugge TH, Behrendt N, Engelholm LH