Marisella Panduro

I am trying to understand separately nathe importance of miR223 and mir15a/16-1 in T cell development and homeostasis. I am also working on miR29 cloning project for the KECK consortium. And, more importantly, I make sure things run smoothly in the Ansel lab.

I am a half-Russian, half-Peruvian international student that came to the US in 2005 for my Bachelors. I attended Santa Monica College in Los Angeles and then transfered to UC Berkeley, where I completed my studies majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology in 2010. I worked in the Shastri lab, while at Berkeley, studying the MHC class I antigen-processing pathway. After I joined the Ansel lab family, I become more and more sucked into the world of microRNAs. I aspire to become some kind of doctor (MD, PhD, or both) in the next 10 years. But more importantly, I would like to make an important scientific contribution in the next couple of years. On my spare time, I like to cook something exciting, try a new restaurant, watch movies, play piano or talk on the phone with my family.

Current Position: 
Senior Scientist, Surface Oncology Inc.
Research Project: 
A little bit of everything
Former Position: 
Specialist Scientist